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Why Choose Fairest Cleaning and Restoration For Floor Cleaning?

Reputation & Experience: We have over 30 years of experience and know sacramento metro customers very well. We have cleaned thousands of carpets and with that comes the ability to solve many problems that arise.

Technology: Our technology ensures we are using the best tools and machines to deliver clean and professional carpet and floor care services. Whether it is a simple clean or a complicated pet odor job we have the ability to provide the top of the line service to ensure we get the maximum amount of dirt and contamination out of your floors through a steam cleaning process.

Service: “Our goal is to make you a customer for life!” In order to make that a possibility we focus on educating, listening and finding the best solution for your home, business or establishment.

About Shingle Springs


Shingle Springs was established at the site of a mining camp by "48-ers," miners who had come to California in 1848 to strike it rich in the burgeoning gold rush. The name of the town comes from a shingle mill that produced up to 16,000 shingles per day and cold springs which ran through the town. The town is also known for an overnight stop by the Boston-Newtown Joint Stock Association, which camped at Shingle Springs on September 26, 1849. (*)

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