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Odor Removal

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Fairest Cleaning & Restoration is a BioSweep Service Provider!

 What is BioSweep Technology?

What is the Biosweep difference?

  • Lessen tear out: reduce the amount of demolition and tear out necessary when faced with bad odors.

  • Reduces surface cleaning for deodorization: there is a reduced need for multiple cleanings of surfaces, especially fire related cleanings.

  • Eliminates the need for encapsulation & sealants: reduce the amount of sealants used on surfaces to block odor. Most sealants fail over time and odor returns.

  • Restores most contents onsite: there is reduced need of taking items offsite to be cleaned, which sometimes results in breakage, excessive time away from valuables and lost goods.

  • Extremely fast treatment times: most residential treatments can happen in 24 hours or less. Commercial losses might take longer depending on cubic footage.

  • Significantly reduces ALE & BI: for insurance losses the insurance company pays less for living expenses because customers can come back in their home much sooner.

  • Removes odor permanently - GUARANTEED!: we are very confident in our abilities to help remove you odors we guarantee permanent odor removal.

  • Affordable: We work with many budgets and offer three levels of service to meet the needs of our customers. The biggest savings is what Biosweep stops a homeowner, property manager, or commercial client from having to do: less tear out, no double and triple coats of paint, and no loss of contents that are otherwise intact. Give us a call today to let us show you which solution fits your budget and how we can save you time and money.

What kinds of odors does BioSweep eliminate?