Fairest Cleaning and Restoration
Passionate. Professional. Caring.


Passionate. Experienced. Caring.

Over 30 Years of History

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Fairest of All is now Fairest Cleaning and Restoration

Same great service, brand new look

Fairest of All provided comprehensive upholstery and carpet cleaning to those in and around Sacramento, CA. They specialize in cleaning carpets for homes and rental properties, they also had experience cleaning draperies, tile, and grout, as well as water damage restoration. In 2019 Fairest of All was acquired and rebranded to become Fairest Cleaning and Restoration. With over 30 years of experience cleaning carpets for all levels of customers Fairest Cleaning & Restoration will continue to strive for ensuring the highest level of customer service as the brand evolves to keep up with the needs of our customers. Call us today to schedule a cleaning!