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Rental Property Services

We Guarantee Getting Your Properties Looking Their Best! 

   "A+... Always done when I need it." Lee Storms, NARPM

    "Service always superior. Always consistent in quality and service. Dependable, on-time, quality staff - always accommodating of my needs and schedules. Thank you for your service." Barbara Kelly, ARM, Alpha Property Management. Customer since 1992.

    "Our company has saved thousands of dollars since we started using Fairest of All." Wendy, Crestview Apartments, customer since 1997.

"Extremely Knowlegeable... Very conscious of what's best for the property's owner." Carla Morgan, Remax Gold, since. 1998

    Don't you hate carpet problems? Pet damage, stains, bleached spots, tears, floods, heavy soil, kool-aid, burns, cigarette smoke? Last-minute move-ins? After-hours emergencies? Spots that won't come out or that come back?

  We Guarantee We Will give you The Best Service Ever, or It's FREE!

You get the most expert care there is. I've been doing this since 1980. The best products, equipment and people. Only with FAIREST OF All, on the job you get:

    * Our clear water rinse truck mount wash and rinse. Any residue left in your carpets can speed re-soiling, wear, dye fading and allergies. We'll pre-spray with the best detergents there are, then scrub and rinse out your carpets using unlimited amounts of steaming hot, fresh water, leaving them squeaky clean. You'll be amazed by the results. Many of our competitors use inferior equipment!
    * Your owners will appreciate that we're not only leaving the carpet looking great, we're prolonging its life and saving them replacement costs.
    * Only by using a truck mount can you be sure you're getting the deepest clean possible with the fastest drying time. FAIREST OF ALL uses the latest in carpet cleaning technology.
    * Free deodorizing included on request.
    * Spotting and pre-conditioning included
    * Same day service! (Scheduling restrictions apply).
    * Why would an intelligent person spend $15,000 on a truck mount, instead of something cheaper? Because it works! See the results for yourself.
    * Dry Cleaning: Available on request.
    * Heavy Soil Restoration: The heaviest soiled carpets may require extra time and chemicals, which may run $5.00 to $20.00/unit. On your worst, if you like, we'll bring out the roto to scrub all the way down to the back throughout before extracting ($35.00 minimum). This is the ultimate clean, without adding any moisture to the carpet! On the worst problems, we can pull up the carpet and clean the back, even the pad (or replace it), then clean the top to stop "bleed back." These are done on a bid basis.

Single or Mulit-Family Homes: We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Dye and Wax Removal:  Guaranteed, or no charge. If we can't strip it, we can patch it for you.

Gum Removal: If not too severe, NO CHARGE, as in "FREE."

Paint overspray: Did the painters go nuts?  We can get out the worst overspray!

Expert Patching: Remedy of last resort, but we do it right.  Price varies with size.

Seam Repairs: Flawlessly fix damage and fraying. Saves replacement. Total seam includes removing old tape, cleaning up edges, trimming if necessary. Get it done it right!

Stretching: We'll eliminate premature wear and hazards by stretching out wrinkles and loose spots. Prolong your carpet's life.

Spot Dyeing: We'll make those unsightly bleach spots and sunfades disappear like they're in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Priced like patches, but a superior remedy.

Deodorizing: Guaranteed!  Call for estimate, each one of these is unique, from topical treatment to replacement of pad, sealing of floor, thorough flushing of all affected areas.

Carpet Dyeing: Dye darker to hide wear, soil and stains!

    * Guaranteed Permanent! We have dye jobs over 10 years old.
    * Hide stains and defects. Make old carpets look young again!
    * ANY Color. Final color dependent on carpet conditions. Same dye as carpet mills use. Won't fade or track off.
    * Looks Great, for 1/4 the cost of replacement.



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