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About Fairest of All

Just A Little About Me
Sacramento's been my home since 1961, and I've been in business since 1986. Since this is my home, I'll be here whenever you need me, so I'll take good care of you I want you to be so happy with the quality of my service, you'll refer us to your friends and use us for all your carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaning as long as you live here too.  Just give us a call for a free carpet audit, estimate, question or to schedule our service. The information inside will save you money, carpets and hassles. There are at least three fantastic, totally guaranteed services offered exclusively offered.  I was a fabric chemist before and know more about your fabrics, soils and cleaning that anyone else you're likely to meet! hacked by despotic

I really am dedicated to making you a "Customer For Life." I want you to be so happy with the price and quality of service that you'll know you're getting the best service at the best price. hacked by despotic

We'll Be On time. None of this "AM or PM" stuff. We'll give you an exact time with one hour on either side. OR, if you need an exact time, our first appointment of the day is exact. hacked by despotic

You'll never be pressured to buy a lot of stuff you don't want. No sales games. I hate deceptive advertising. I won't do it. No glib salesman's lingo. They won't really clean your carpets for $7.95/room. Call an honest company into your home. hacked by despotic

Put my knowledge to work for you. I've been in the cleaning business since 1980 and have dedicated my company and myself to cleaning science and education. Before that, as a chemist, I dealt with a lifetime of problems just like yours, or worse. I know science and how to apply it to best solve your specific problem.

Your carpet will be its cleanest and fluffiest. Every carpet and fiber manufacturer recommends our multi-step method. Our multi-step wash and rinse is truly the best clean that you can get. hacked by despotic

Minimize your downtime and inconvenience! You don't have to be there if you don't want. Just stash a key and it'll be done when you get back! hacked by despotic

Know your carpet cleaner. I've lived in Sacramento since 1960 (Holy Cow! Has it been that long?). I graduated from Cordova H.S. and UC Davis. I won't send anyone out who I wouldn't send into my own mother's house. Did you know there are no requirements whatsoever to become a carpet cleaner? Anybody who wants can buy a cheapie machine and hang out his shingle! Anybody! hacked by despotic

Why Clean Now?

Carpeting and other fabrics are dust mite nurseries. These little critters eat dead skin. Their wastes and bodies are powerful allergens, stressing your immune system. Your carpet is a "sink" for pollutants, dirt, dust, fungi, allergens and other stuff you don't even want to think about. Pollutants drift in daily. We remove all your dirt and cleaning residues away from your home, outside. Bye-Bye, dust mites. Live a more healthy life by having these contaminants removed professionally at least once a year. We'll answer your call live during business hours! No machines! So call us now to schedule or discuss your needs.


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