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Carpet Care Tips

Home Care Tips For Carpet

Most modern fibers and dyes are extremely durable and colorfast. But they aren’t bulletproof,  and can be damaged or stained, so always pretest any procedure in an inconspicuous area.

Always: Start with these steps:

1. Get to it right away! Many stains “set” over time.

2. Scoop, scrape or blot up as much of spill as possible.

3. Use white towels, not colored.

4. Rinse any spill or cleaner with clear water. You want to minimize the moisture if you can, but flush well

5. Follow Manufacturers’ recommendations.

6. Pre test cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for color or texture changes.

7. Put a fan on the area to dry it faster. Follow up with vacuuming after it’s dry.

8. Ask us about applying a protectant to your carpet that’s proven to protect its life and beauty.


1. Spread the stain. If it starts to spread, stop

2. Rub Fabric. You can permanently damage it.

3. Use any product containing bleach or brightners.

4. Use home remedies on expensive or hand-dyed or knotted rugs.

Specific problems:

 General: Ordinary food spills, pet accidents, unknown stains: Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid in 1 cup warm water. Blot spot. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary. You can boost the cleaning power with ammonia if necessary.  Oily spills, Gum: Blot with a small amount of lighter fluid. When completely done, finish with the “General” procedure above and rinse.  Latex paint: Follow “General” steps above. Keep the paint wet and we can get it out. Don’t let it dry or it will be permanent.  Wax, lipstick: Place white paper on the wax. Place steam iron on its lowest setting on top of the paper. The wax will melt into paper. Move the paper around to absorb more wax. Nail Polish, Ball Point Pen: Use small amounts of nail polish or acetone to blot spot. If heavy, do not attempt as you’ll only spread the problem. Give us a call on these!

Pet Accidents: Use the general procedure above. Rinse a lot. Allow to dry between cleanings if they need more than one. Call us right away for bad problems.

Colored Stains: These often require professional helpl. Sometimes Hydrogen Peroxide will lighten them. Spray it on and let it dry. Repeat several times if necessary and watch for results. Sometimes just keeping it wet for several days, refreshing the peroxide periodically, will lighten stains like coffee and wine. Heavy spills, like a whole cup of coffee, go down to the pad and will probably require multiple cleanings. If it comes back, just keep cleaning and eventually it will stay gone. Any special problems, call or shoot us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

General carpet care:

Consult your Warranty for required care. Many require annual hot water extraction to maintain your warranty, a good general practice. Carpets will wear and fade fastest in heavily traffic areas. We can apply a Protectant, for example, Teflon, that will protect these areas and your investment. Area rugs are a good idea in traffic areas like entries and halls. Many are machine-washable, or we can clean them when we come out. Vacuum frequently. Dry soils are abrasive and will cause carpets to wear faster. Choose your carpet wisely. If you’re looking for quality, buy continuous filament nylon. Don’t get too light of a color, as the appearance of these deteriorates faster, sometimes in only months.


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